What is Uplift?

​Our organisation has a passion to reach into the wider community in Dandenong and support those going through difficult times and need to be “uplifted”. Recognizing an increasing need for support and assistance in our local community, the “Up Lift” program was launched in December 2015. The program run by a group of volunteers in our organisation started by offering Food Parcels / Bread and Food vouchers to vulnerable families and individuals facing financial hardship in Dandenong and surrounding areas, to help with their day to day needs in food, that one would not go without food at difficult times.
The “Up Lift” program has since grown, not only assisting vulnerable families and individuals but also:

  • supporting & assisting families during Christmas time by providing food hampers
  • participating in Operation Christmas Child
  • sending donations to orphanages and communities suffering from hardship in Sri Lanka
  • Working with new migrants who participate in the program to bridge the gap and assist in welcoming them in to the local community by organising cultural events. 

The program over the years, has continued to partner with our volunteers to make a positive impact of uplifting lives, in our local community. 
To love our neighbour.

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